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Velcro Design

Velcro can be adjusted to a suitable position freely firmly sticking to the abdomen.


It is comfortable and breathable, will not hurt your skin. Made from high quality lightweight durable material.


The tummy wrap is woven from high quality polyester and latex, with excellent elasticity and resilience.


I am 5'9, over 300 lbs and I have a very large mid section. I was shocked to see that it actually gave me a waistline. πŸ˜€



It only took less than 5 min to completely wrap myself and BAMM! This product is way more than what I expected. This is a win for me!



No fat bulging from the sides or under. It gives u that hold and shape your looking for. I absolutely love it also I used to wear two waist trainers but with this I only need one, ❀️



I love this because it’s adjustable to the size of my shrinking uterus. I am also able to make the back smaller to accommodate my high butt.



I went from rolls, belly fat and fupa to flat!! It literally holds everything in without the rolling up and pain from wires. I love this wrap!!